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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

That 70's Editorial

I know that this trend is soon to pass, but I'm still in love with the 70's.  I'm guessing that after this fall, it'll be pretty much over, considering how quickly the fashion industry changes its mind (let's hope its not over though!). Anyways this is one of my favorite 70's inspired editorials, that appears in Vogue Paris September 2011 and features Anja Rubik.

anja rubik hippie vogue paris
The colors in this image are absolutely astounding.

This shot combines so many of my favorite things:  peacock, sheer material, fur, western shoewear, denim, and vests.....its like the story of my closet!

Wow, more of my favorites:  white, and rompers!

There's something so magical about this one.

I really wish my living room looked like this!

I know that my focus should be on the outfit, but I can't stop gawking at the gorgeous backdrop....

Once again...loving the living quarters.

Its like a weird combination of Russian and American.  The hat and cape:  very Russian.  Denim and cowboy boots?  American.



Fringe, fringe, FRINGE!!!!!

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