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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Frida Kahlo....a Fashion Inspiration

Late last night I was doing the usual....scouring through tons of blogs and websites to find some new inspiration.  And then I found this...I found something that really got my inspiration gears working!  After looking at this editorial in Marie Claire Italia, I've thought of so many outfits inspired by it.  Here is the meaningful editorial........
As you can see the images are inspired by the icon, Frida Kahlo
lover Emily Senko by Wendy Bevan for <em>Marie Claire Italia</em> March 2011
I am now officially on the Goodwill hunt for a dress like this!  I probably need to go search a Beverly Hills Goodwill or one in Bel-Air for a dress as gorgeous as this though!

The quality of the shots may seem different, but in my opinion, what the photographer, Wendy Bevan was trying to do was to make the shots look like paintings that Frida might have created.  

The editorial is very on-trend with the vibrant colors that are dominating the runways this season.

Emily Senko was THE perfect choice for this photo shoot....she does an amazing job!

This one is so INTENSE!

I want my hair like hers!

I love me its like a mix of Mexican roots, and the movie Lolita (must be the milkmaid braids).  To me this goes beyond fashion, and on to art.  Frida Kahlo, not only the most famous female artist of Mexico, but a fashion icon now as well!

Images Via Fashion Gone Rogue


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