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Monday, February 21, 2011

Clothes are my Therapy

Recently, the only kind of clothing I've been wanting to wear is in the neutral color family.  Beige, camel, ivory, and brown are the only colors I see in my closet!  I saw a bright blue jacket today and I felt repulsion towards it (strong words, I know, but this is just a one-week phase, trust me!).  I feel like all I want to do is blend in with the earth and wear its colors.  So in a flash of inspiration this morning, I made this moodboard.....

I've been having a lot of personal issues lately, and wearing these light colors makes me feel so calm.  Its like therapy to me.  I think I've been having this red angry aura about me lately, and unconsciously I want to change that with the clothes I wear................weeeelllll, enough with the psychic lesson, the point is I'm into light flowy things right now and thats all I want to wear!  How about you guys?  What colors are you obsessing over lately?


  1. I've been feeling the same way, and I found that I have to much black pieces :)

  2. Yeah black always triggers my sad mood,thats why its all light colors for me now!


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