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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Frida Kahlo....a Fashion Inspiration

Late last night I was doing the usual....scouring through tons of blogs and websites to find some new inspiration.  And then I found this...I found something that really got my inspiration gears working!  After looking at this editorial in Marie Claire Italia, I've thought of so many outfits inspired by it.  Here is the meaningful editorial........
As you can see the images are inspired by the icon, Frida Kahlo
lover Emily Senko by Wendy Bevan for <em>Marie Claire Italia</em> March 2011
I am now officially on the Goodwill hunt for a dress like this!  I probably need to go search a Beverly Hills Goodwill or one in Bel-Air for a dress as gorgeous as this though!

The quality of the shots may seem different, but in my opinion, what the photographer, Wendy Bevan was trying to do was to make the shots look like paintings that Frida might have created.  

The editorial is very on-trend with the vibrant colors that are dominating the runways this season.

Emily Senko was THE perfect choice for this photo shoot....she does an amazing job!

This one is so INTENSE!

I want my hair like hers!

I love me its like a mix of Mexican roots, and the movie Lolita (must be the milkmaid braids).  To me this goes beyond fashion, and on to art.  Frida Kahlo, not only the most famous female artist of Mexico, but a fashion icon now as well!

Images Via Fashion Gone Rogue

Friday, February 25, 2011

Floral Femininity...and Masculinity Too!!!!

" Flowers?  For Spring?  How original."  That is the most epic line from one of my all time favorite movies...The Devil Wears Prada.  Well be they original or not, I don't care and neither do the majority of the designers, whose collections for Spring/ Summer 2011 were complete meadows.  Whoever is coming up with the ideas for a lot of the editorials that I've seen recently are obviously not caring either.

 I am so being influenced by florals right now.  I swear, my mom is getting annoyed because I keep asking her to hand over all the florals that she has in her closet.  According to her, my mourning for the bagfuls of clothes (there were so many cute floral tops and skirts in there!!!!!) she gave away last year to the less fortunate, because they were "Out of style anyway", is absolutely ridiculous.  WELL IT'S NOT!!!!!!  I want to rip those florals away from the homeless ladies that must be parading around in them right now....I had the right to inherit them first!

Ok enough with my's some pictures of the florals that I'm currently inspired by.........................

The wonderful Lily Donaldson in the two above pics!

Olga Sherer!!!!

Free People I know this isn't a floral, but the color of the dress is so flower-like.

Nicole, looking as gorgeous as ever!

Again, not a floral that Bambi is wearing here, but the colors in her skirt are so flowery!

Brown with teeny-tiny cute!

She's carrying flowers!

Pink+Lace= Flowers!

One of my FAVORITE BLOGGERS EVVVVERR...Karla from Karla's Closet, wearing this epic dress (I know, I know I use that word to describe everything!)  Check her blog out!

My OTHER favorite blogger, whose posts are like my fashion medications, the Vintage Virgin....although I think she's the QUEEN of Vintageland!  Head on over to her blog too

And although my mom says I look like a stripper with thigh-high socks, I'm getting me some just like the ones in the pic above.  They look so epic (there I go again, sorry!) with that minidress!

Male Florals and Shades of Blue 8
Male Florals and Shades of Blue 3

And these two?????  Yes I think men look so sexxxyyy with florals on!  Notice the pants on the first model and the adorable shirt and shoes on the last one.

Let me know what you think please. Leave your comments down below ladies...and gentlemen too!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Jungle Book

The following editorial is very different from your typical, everyday editorial....see why after the jump!  It makes me think that this is the way I would want to dress if I had to live in the jungle.

Love this one, its true art!

This one with the elephant trunk is just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!!  I want those shorts sooo bad!

This editorial was done by Sean and Seng with model Samantha Gradoville for POP Magazine S/S 2011 in the beautiful jungles of Thailand.  She wears colorful prints by Versace, Max Mara, Prada and accessories by Topshop.  
Images Via Fashion Gone Rogue

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lea T.....a Fashion First

For those of you who are not familiar with her, Lea T is a 28 year old model that was discovered by the senior designer at Givenchy.  She became the face of the brand in late 2010.  Her first runway show was for Alexandre Herchcovitch during São Paulo Fashion Week in January 2011.

She has been featured in editorials in Vogue Paris, Hercules Magazine, Interview Magazine, Cover Magazine and Love Magazine. In 2011, she was also the cover star of two editions of the Spring/Summer 2011 edition of Love Magazine, one as the solo model and another cover in which she was seen kissing supermodel Kate Moss.  
She is ranked 40th on the Top 50 Models Women List by
 That's a whole lot of accomplishments in such little time isn't it?  But that's not all, Lea T is a stunning and inspiring transgender model.  I think that her being supermodel in the making while being a transgender model truly means that our world is moving away from prejudice and accepting people for who they are.  It is a historic moment for the fashion industry. The fact that a transgender model is having so much success is an unprecedented event!

She is such a beautiful model, her dark looks are perfect for both editorials and for the runway.  Its such a wonderful thing that recognized brand such as Givenchy gave her a chance, without any judgements or prejudice!

Images via Fashion Gone Rogue and