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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fashion in My Inbox

I am an 18 year old fashion addict.  Therefore, I'm subscribed to every newsletter for every cool brand I you can possibly imagine.  Which means that my inbox is always overflooded with offers and I always know when sales are and whatnot.  Today I got more excited than usual.  Here's why...

Do I need to explain why?  Stylestalker.  Clear hooker heels.  Denim.  Free shipping.

Urban Outfitters!  Yeah turns out red and purple do your face MOM!

I got tons more, but these were the two newsletters that put the most effort into what they sent me today.  I'm some chick living in suburban California.  I don't really have high expectations for them, but they overachieved and put THAT much work into their emails to me....much love stylestalker and Urban Outfitters....MUCH LOVE!

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