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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dark Weather, Dark Mood

The weather in my city isn't the best today.  I'm the kind of person that doesn't enjoy gloomy weather that tends to make me turn into a couch potato, it makes me want to spend the day watching movie marathons and drinking cup after cup of hot chocolate.  Knowing that this behavior is not the best for my body or my mood, I decided to cheer myself up by going on the hunt for inspiration...inspiration that will make me like fall and winter a little more.  I found these:

So yeah, the first couple of images made me believe that winter isn't that bad....that constant cold gives me an excuse to wear dark coats and boots.  Don't get me wrong, winter is one of the best seasons, fashion-wise. It gives you the freedom to morph into a dark vampiresque being that blends with the gloominess of the season. Still, I'm more of the happy bubbly by the end of composing this post, I couldn't resist and I posted the last two images.  They showcase the dark gloom of winter, but have more color and less clothing...that reminds me of spring, my favorite season.  I shall try to make the best of winter, but with the hope of spring in mind.  What your favorite season?  Any comments on that?  Leave them below please!

Images via Fashion Gone Rogue


  1. I, like many many other fashion-obsessed girls, love winter because I get to pile on the layers! summer is so much fun though, being carefree and flowy :) great photos though! very inspiring <3


  2. thanks...that's what I aim for! :)


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