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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fashion Wishes Do Come True

You may be wondering what wish of mine came true.  Get ready for story time people!  If you read my previous post you know that I went thrift store shopping today.  I went and got like fifteen chunky knit sweaters for $30 (don't be jealous of my awesome bargain shopping skills!).  The fact that I got so many sweaters made knits, crochet, and yarn the topic of the day in my fabulous little brain.  I have SUCH a weird imagination as you probably already figured out.  Obviously my brain went crazy while I was in the shower two hours ago and before I knew it I was thinking about how much I love leggings and how I've never seen knit leggings, and how awesome they would look with lace (my English professor would be so proud of my grammar skills).   Lo and behold, my wish for this awesome combination came true!  How you may ask?  Through a post on the Spanish Moss blog  I was doing my usual blog rounds like 15 minutes ago and the first thing I saw was the exact combination I'd dreamt of in the it is!  Miracles do exist!!!!!!

I know this isn't paired with lace, but here are the exact knit leggings I'd pictured.
And those leggings would look so damn avant-garde with this little lace dress!

Short post, I know, but I had to share my super-epic supernatural fashion experience with you guys.  Good night people!  Have sweet fashion dreams!!!!

<3 Mely


  1. I am so in love with those pants! I must have them!

  2. wow so nice!

  3. OH MY. Those are quite gorgeous! Too bad they come with that $200 price tag! I would buy so many things on Spanish Moss if only they were cheaper!

  4. So would I, but we can look at least! :)


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