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Monday, October 3, 2011

New Addiction: Nasty Gal Blog

I have had a love affair with Nasty Gal (if you don't know what that is you obviously live under a rock!), for like the past year.  Seriously, like 90 % of my financial aid money goes towards buying stuff from them, (financial aid is for living expenses related to live I need to spend cash on bitchin clothes for class ok!!!!  Don't judge!).  Apparently I haven't been a real super-fan though, because I barely discovered that Nasty Gal has a FREAKIN BLOG!  I literally spent like 2 hours poring over all the posts and bookmarking all the inspiration (which was like EVERYTHING!).  So anyways, i just had to share at least one post from the blog, its so COOL!!!!

Lace, flowers...its a princess!!!

I'm so buying me a sofa like that.

Pink bra peeking out...SEXXAAYY

I love the setting here more than the outfit.

I'm in the process of DIY'ing some shorts like these.


Trying to save for a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas....I'm still not sure if I'm gonna look too much like a hooker though.


Apparently God doesn't want me to have a pair of these leather shorts...I cannot find them ANYWHERE!!

Love da hair!

I vow to make these my 105th pair of shoes.

It was so hard to choose this post...I wanted to share everything with you guys!  But go on the Nasty Gal Blog and check it out for yourself


  1. oh this is amazing

  2. these pictures are great! :)

  3. great pictures, I'm addicted :)

    Would be great if you visit me on my blog too!

  4. Thanks, and I already did...following now :)


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