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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Menswear and Lingerie

My style varies from adrogynous one day, to completely frilly and feminine the next day.  Today I was feeling a bit confused, in between...and this editorial from Russh magazine totally inspired my outfit this morning.  It also gave me the insane urge to get a pixie cut (not a good idea, I need my hair for warmth now that its freakin 60 degrees....i know that's hot for you people on the East Coast, but hey, I'm a wimpy California Girl!)  Eliza Cummings by Nick Dorey...feast your eyes on the awesomeness!
eliza cummings3 Eliza Cummings by Nick Dorey for <em>Russh</em> #42
Man's sweater, woman's lingerie....oh the confusion!

 eliza cummings1 Eliza Cummings by Nick Dorey for <em>Russh</em> #42
Gloriously messy tresses.

eliza cummings2 Eliza Cummings by Nick Dorey for <em>Russh</em> #42
Ok this one has no menswear, no man would wear a silver sparkly sweater.

eliza cummings4 Eliza Cummings by Nick Dorey for <em>Russh</em> #42
After posting this picture, I totally Googled how to DIY a shirt like this.  On my to-do list!

eliza cummings5 Eliza Cummings by Nick Dorey for <em>Russh</em> #42
The morning after....

eliza cummings6 Eliza Cummings by Nick Dorey for <em>Russh</em> #42
This is my FAVORITE shot!  I don't usually do this but I'm planning to copy this outfit to the teee!
eliza cummings8 Eliza Cummings by Nick Dorey for <em>Russh</em> #42
"OWWW mahhh neck!"  Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

eliza cummings9 Eliza Cummings by Nick Dorey for <em>Russh</em> #42
If only I looked this good in white pants, if only, if only.

I'm so inspired now.  Ugggh, I didn't want to have to do this, BUUUTTT....I'm off to the thrift store to release my inspiration, and buy $200 worth of clothes (that's a LOT at a thrift store, I'm gonna have to make the cute cashier help me take it to my car...yeah, that's how I get my dates, don't judge.)  Have a fashion-filled day!  <3

Images via FashionGoneRogue

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