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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Free People: Always Inspiring Me!

Free People is a brand that never ceases to impress me.  I find myself dying to have glance at their new lookbooks.  Sometimes, when I'm out of money I look through the stuff that they have on sale anyways JUST to be inspired to put together new and eclectic outfits.  There's always something so magical about the brand.  I can tell that so much effort goes into making every outfit in the lookbooks "perfectly imperfect".  If you don't know about the brand, check out some of the great shots I found on the site......

Miles of Lace Dress
Somehow, this works...they make even the craziest combinations WORK!

The photographer did such an amazing job...the colors are just incredible!

This reminds me of a top my grandmother used to have.

Rockville Sweater Dress
This is the kind of homeless person I'd like to be

Totally reminds me of Angela's style in "My So-Called Life"

Cropped Fairisle Pullover
My dad has one of these sweaters...consider it officially missing, Daddy!
Lace Curtain Top
This is such a simple, go-to outfit

Look a lot like Gillian Zinser's style (that I LOOOVEE...hmmmm I should post about her sometime)

Gatwickk Boot
Must purchase these soon. favorite style!  

This is such a perfect party dress...not too sexy, but just as entrancing. 

The brand is a bit on the pricey side, so if you can't buy the items at least take some inspiration from the gorgeous outfits their stylists put together.  That's what I do when my online orders have left me broke!  Go check out their site, maybe you'll see something you simply MUST HAVE!

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