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Friday, October 7, 2011

Urban Outfitters: Eclectic

Urban Outfitter's fall catalog can be described in two simple words...FREAKIN COOL!  Its so eclectic and just COOL!  I'm short on words to describe be the judge!

I'm sexy and I know it.

Man I am LOVING the cone hat!!!

Lingerie in the woods...ain't nothing sexier, am I right?

The fact that this was developed in black and white makes it that much better.

wfall_catalog3.jpg (653×393)
(see caption above)

wfall_catalog2.jpg (653×393)
I would so rock pants like the ones on the left...they'd go perfect with the leopard print booties on the right.

wfall_catalog1.jpg (653×393)
I rarely find a shot that does both the clothes and the setting justice...this one fits the bill.

wfall_catalog19.jpg (653×393)
Pink hair, shredded sweater, a yacht...need I go further?

wfall_catalog18.jpg (653×393)
SWEET BABY JESUS!  I'm off to my closest 99 cent store to buy me a yellow beanie!!!!

wfall_catalog17.jpg (653×393)
Miniskirts and long sleeves.  Contradictory, but it works.

wfall_catalog16.jpg (653×393)
Its been decided...when I'm a grandma I'm dying my hair this exact shade of pink.

wfall_catalog15.jpg (653×393)
Hmm, I have two pieces in my closet that look just like this...*flashing lightbulb*

wfall_catalog14.jpg (653×393)
Darn it!  I saw a jacket just like the one on the right at the thrift store the other day and I didn't get it!

wfall_catalog13.jpg (653×393)
I am so loving the 90's vibes in the shot on the left.

wfall_catalog9.jpg (653×393)

I see somebody decided to jump on the Lady Gaga teacup bandwagon.

wfall_catalog6.jpg (653×393)
I've now found the way to make boho-chic work in the fall.

We end this post with the best shot of them all....just look at that snarl!

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