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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cute AND Affordable??????

Lately I've become somewhat of an eBay fanatic.  I think I ordered $100 worth of clothes and accessories from different sellers.  The amazing thing was that everything was SUPER cheap!  Like so cheap that it was ridiculous.  I figure that my shopping spree will go either of two ways:  I might have made the most amazing fashion discovery in my life, or I'll get a bunch of crappy clothes in the mail that I would never be caught dead in.

I read a lot online though and apparently those prices are normal because the clothes come from Korea or China or something.  A lot of people say that they loved what they got...I guess I'll just have to wait and see.  Anyway, here are the cute things that I ordered....

This was $7.50!  Best deal ever!!!

Suspenders!  I needed to own some....just $3.85

A robot necklace....everyone NEEDS one of these!  Just 99 cents.

Glasses on a chain, again 99 cents.

Floral Front Double-Tiers Tube Cotton Dress
This adorable dress for...wait for it......................................$4.50!!!

Navy Style Double Breasted V-neck Sleeveless Dress
I'm gonna look like a sailor for just $6.00!

Rayli Summer Style Asymmetrical  Hem Strapless Dress
Boho Chic for $6.75!

Floral Print Boat Neck Strap Chiffon Sundress

Fashionable One-shoulder Striped 2-piece Sets Dress
And this one was just five bucks!

These skull tights were only $2.25.

I'm so happy I'm about to burst!  This is what shopping does to me, it fills me up with warmth and joy.  It's not that I'm shallow and shopping is the only thing that fills me...I just really like to!  I should be getting my clothes in about 2 to 3 weeks, and if I like the quality, I'll fill you all in on the names of the sellers and stores so you can head over there and get some cheap, cute clothes too!


  1. Great finds! I've never shopped on ebay. You'll have to let us know how your purchases turned out!

  2. All so cute and cheap! I hope you liked them even in real life!


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