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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Astonish Magazine: Issue Zero

When I first saw the cover of Astonish Magazine Issue Zero, I gasped.  The work that the Astonish Team has done on their first cover is astonishing, like their namesake.  This completely blew me away! The lighting, the material of the dress, the vibrant colors, and the gorgeous model that was used for it, exceeds anyone's expectations!  Take a look at this........

 I see talent, immense talent, in the people that worked on this.  Their efforts paid off though, the magazine is starting out with a bang!  After seeing this I cannot wait for the next issue, Issue One, to be published and I'm sure many other people feel that way also!  

You can check out the full first issue on their website, I promise there's going to be a lot more to love about it!

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