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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hilary Rhoda For Foam!!!

This last editorial from Foam Magazine made me realize something....I want to work there!  I'd be happy even getting coffee, but I just want to work there.  Being around all the talent that makes this magazine come to life would be a dream come true.  All the people that collaborated on this swimsuit issue deserve a round of applause!  So anyway, now that I've divulged what my life goal is, lets go on to the good stuff....Hilary Rhoda!  

hilary rhoda Hilary Rhoda by Thomas Whiteside for <em>Foam</em>
The styling is so laid-back, and I love the fact that she's holding an In-N-Out soda!

hilary rhoda1 Hilary Rhoda by Thomas Whiteside for <em>Foam</em>
I want to know the designer of that swimsuit!  

hilary rhoda2 Hilary Rhoda by Thomas Whiteside for <em>Foam</em>
It seems as if the hair placement was planned...that's all the magic of the hairstylist!

hilary rhoda3 Hilary Rhoda by Thomas Whiteside for <em>Foam</em>

hilary rhoda4 Hilary Rhoda by Thomas Whiteside for <em>Foam</em>
Thomas are a genius!

hilary rhoda6 Hilary Rhoda by Thomas Whiteside for <em>Foam</em>
I cannot even begin to describe my appreciation for this cover.  I've been looking at a lot of covers recently and this one is one of the few that stand out to me the most.  It looks relaxed and not overly retouched.  Its natural and lifelike, unlike some magazines in which the models are so retouched that they look like plastic dolls.  Great job Foam on making Hilary look like a human, and convincing me to love the magazine so much!

Model:  Hilary Rhoda
Photographer:  Thomas Whiteside
Stylist:  Aya Kanai

Images via Fashion Gone Rogue

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