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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Christian Dior: Evil and Goodness

The Christian Dior collection for Fall 2011, KILLED me just KILLED me!  In an earlier post I wrote that I am drastically obsessed with light and airy clothing....and Dior gave me my dream collection!  If I had had the money I would have pulled a Lady Gaga and bought the whole collection on the spot!

Now the collection doesn't start out light and flowy like I like them, it actually started out with clothing that had lots of layers and was more structured (now don't get me wrong, I don't have prejudice for structured clothing, I just don't gush about it as much), with very autumny colors....but I'm not gonna go in any particular order here and just show you the outfits, I'm just too excited to get it all organized....
I love that this dress is so bordering on lingerie!

Lace and Sheer!

So girly and fresh!

My favorite part of this outfit is the skirt and the socks with the booties!


Those boots!  Fabulous!

Ok I like the look, but is it just me or does her face look like she just sucked on a lemon?

Count Dracula Chic!

Look at those cute capris with the bows on the side!

Once again, her face distracts me from the outfit....bad shot!

I want to get married in this!

It looks like she has a flower dress.

Again, the face...I'm sure she's very pretty but she just looks like Cinderella's evil stepsister here!

Loving the bows on the capris....but the face...ehhhh cranky much?

WHAT THE HELL????  She looks divine, but like she's about to kill me....I wonder, where all the models instructed to put on  these faces?

Is that a suede skirt I see?   IT IS!!!!!!!!!

Love the sheer top and the tan booties.  What is with the face on these models?  Its creepy...........

GOOD GRIEF!  What happened to her face?  Sorry that I keep noticing this, but sheesh!  Ok back on topic, the velvet on that dress is to die for, I want a little red dress now!

The chain necklace really finishes the look.  And her face looks sane also!

The autumny colors and those round glasses are sooooooo perfect!

That coat is so cute!  It looks like it would be a great multitasking item to have in your closet.

The light color palette is what I like the most!

Such an intense goth look!

Geometry....its only fun on clothes!

Sheer shirt....I'm in!

This is the perfect shade of yellow, just perfect!

What a girly skirt!

The dress under the suit is so 70s

This looks like a dress I had when I was 7....I loved that dress!

For some reason this reminds me of a sexy Little Red Riding Hood

Sheer and ruffles, great combination

She looks in pain but the bows and ruffles are super adorable!

One word.....SEXY!

I am such a fan of looking like a little girl....this is my look!

More little girl.....

I'd wear this to a garden party!

Picture that material flowing in the wind

I'm sure if I had been at the show and seen it, I'd have peed with happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cruella DeVil face....gorgeous little nude dress

Maxi sheer, sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyy

More cute little girl looks

I find the inspiration for this outfit to be taken from the 1920's 


The beading is exquisite

I love that either my grandma or I would want to wear this!

Little girl influenced

Love the dress, but she scares me

Ruffle mania!!!!!!!!!!!

The shiny fabric, the embroidery!  But her face.....brrrrrr, I feel the hate!

Ok I am really sorry about making so many snarky little remarks about the model's faces, but I could not help myself.  The clothes  were sheer perfection,but I would have chosen other models for this.  Sorry but they just scared me.  Anyway, Christian Dior is a brand that never ceases to impress me, season after season.  Even with John Galliano being fired and everything, that situation was overshadowed by this beautiful collection.  He did a great job with this, his last collection with Dior.  It definitely feeds my everlasting obsessions for all things flowy, light, airy, and feminine.

I think that my interpretation of the collection was good vs evil.  To me the darker and more layered looks symbolize a more mysterious and maybe evil woman.  The light and see through fabrics, the lace and the paler color palette on the later outfits symbolize a purer, more innocent woman....a.k.a good.

So tell me, what do you think?  Do you think this collection is as breath-taking as I do?

Images via Fashion Gone Rogue


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