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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Innocence of Youth

I just got finished looking through Miss Unkon's latest lookbook, for Autumn/Winter 2011.  It seems so innocent to me, its something that I could definitely picture myself take a look and tell me what you think!

miss unkon sheer maxi
Lusting over this dress...must get one NOW!

And I want these booties

And these sandals!  (Sorry if I'm making my shopping list here, but I can't help myself hahaha)

Do the people that put the collection together want to give me a heart attack?  I love everything on here!

Yup, this was made especially to kill me!

Loving the witchy vibes!  

Boom!  I had the heart attack!!!!

Love the necklace!

So now that I'm done having my mini heart attack, let's go on to the official campaign.....

I love that this model has freckles and that the makeup artist did not cover them up.

Her messy hair is so cute!

She looks like an island queen!

Fur on the the concept!


Tribal influences...

Those shorts are so cool!!!

The Intense Look.

I am known for my obsessions, especially all those clothes-related.  Now I have a new one for the weekend. Lets see if anyone is able to persuade me NOT to spend my money on every item in the collection!  Here's the site that I will be going to spend my cash...


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